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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  September 12, 2014 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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on girl meets world is from quakertown, local girl and she will be here to talk about how she made to it hollywood. >> i just met sabrina in the green room. her mother is here. her two sisters. quake are town what is in the water out there. a bunch of new actors and actresses in the quake are town. >> we loved it out there when we were out there last week. >> we love wendy williams, our pal, on the show this morning. she said she would eat crow if kim and kanye's marriage lasted more than 72 days. >> well, it has. will she be, dining on crow. >> well, it is a fray that people say. >> yes. >> if i know her, to take her literally. >> what does crow taste like. >> i don't know. >> chicken. >> everything taste like chicken. >> last hour we told but a new building in new york city selling parking spots, the the penthouse will cost you 25 million-dollar.
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>> um-hmm. >> with that comes your own little parking spot, they are charging a million-dollar for that spot. >> this is happening at a new residential development in soho. developers are banking on high rollers to spend a million-dollar on these spots since parking spots are so, difficult to find in the city. in fact, the average cost for a sparking spot in manhattan is $140,000. >> per year. >> so this story, what do you spend way too much on. >> oh, man that is a good question. >> great question. >> sue. >> you know, i think i'm quite cheap, and i shop at marshals and i wait for the sales and coupons but i have got to say i have a hard time staying out of the craft stores like michaels. i have enough knitting yarn i don't think i have enough years to knik with all of the yarn in my staff. >> how much is yarn. >> i wait until it is on sale
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but i just get it, because yarn is like, you know, it can be five, $10 but you buy enough for a blanket. >> well, you are saving money for nia's college education. >> and that is what i will be spending too much money on starting next year because college is amazing. >> it is a good thing. >> but this is what we have been saving for all of these years. >> i blow way too much money, i bet you do too on fancy coffee. >> yes. >> i'm very girly when it comes to coughe. i'm sensitive. drink are the takes, vanilla lattes, yes. >> that is your indulgence. >> they are $4.50 a cup. >> you walk in star bucks, and they are like hey mike what do you want today. >> you have blowing five bucks a day, that is $35 a week. >> yes. >> it adds up. >> dang. >> how about you. >> i love shopping. >> clothes, jewelry, i love it
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all. my parents really think i have a shopping problems. i try to stop myself. i won't shop until christmas. because once i go in the store and see lots of things. >> but here's the thing, i have known you a in now, i have never seen you wear the same thing twice. >> it might be a while. >> i reike will. >> shoes. >> yeah, i recycle shoes. >> dresses and accessories. if you have a lot of accessories you can wear thing people won't realize it. >> you buy jewelry for yourself. >> yes. >> well, and my mother. >> did you find a would i friend. >> before 9:20, you bring up a tweet, this one guy tweeting you. >> yes. >> let's bring in quincy and jen, my gosh, you have two kids, do you ever spend anything on yourself. >> , no i don't.
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i watch that disney channel. i'm so bumped i'm not there to sees one of my favorite people. my kids have the nicest socks. they have the nice expensive socks. and then sometimes they have the nicest pajamas because i want them to be so cozy. i'm sleeping in the t-shirt. they have the nicest stuff for their beds. i have a scrappy sheets. it is insane. i spent all my money. >> this is the most bizarre three shots. >> look at quincy. >> he is not over spending on hats. >> he is farmer q today. >> i'm a farmer here at linvilla orchard but thing i spend too much money on is day care. it is a mortgage bill. my oldest son, he had his, his pallet is just so an expansive pallet. he like chile-answer sea bass,
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he like farm raised salmon. he is out of control. >> what happened to chicken nuggets. >> yes. >> he doesn't eat hot dogs, he likes everything organic. thinks why i'm here at linvilla orchard i had to give him organic apples. my kids, they are -- the food that they eat and day carries so much money. >> yes. >> i think what we're trying to ask you is what you indulge. >> your indulgence, do you have any of those, quincy. >> thaw can say. >> i really don't. i with like to say gas, gas is an indulgence. >> well, you have to do that. >> i spent a lot of money on doing that. do you need 93 premium. >> yes. >> i think i'm going to have to. i think i'm going to have to. those are my indulgences, my
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kids. it is day care and it is for food. >> quincy, thanks very much. we will check back at linvilla orchard and we will explain all that netting around jen. by now you have heard about, you know, lesean mccoy and this whole tip controversy. now for the first time we're hearing his side of the story. so alex, set it up again. >> mccoy left a 20 cents tip on a $60 bill after dining with three friend at pyt in northern liberties. burger joint posted it on his face bike page calling out running back for leaving a lousy tip but shady says the tip was justified. >> you know, i think difference between, you know, good service, bad service, and maybe having a bad day. there is a big difference to being rude and disrespectful. a 20 cents tip was more just
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kind of a statement. you cannot disrespect someone and expect someone to tip you i don't care hot the person is. that is why i left my card so they can see my name. >> he made that clear. >> he said he usually tips very well and others who served him have have said that very well. he is very respectful of services at restaurants but he feels like he was not treated well at all. >> exactly what i thought it was on machine it was making a statement because he left his credit card. the his friend could have just left a credit card or left cash. he thought he was disrespect. we've got to bring you this breaking news in south jersey. >> we will get to sky fox over a crash on route 55. southbound in vineland, southbound lanes. they are currently closed around the accident scene. we will get more information for you there. >> can't tell but it looks like a one car accident but would i doubt that. >> all lanes closed. >> it looks like it rolled,
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too. >> we will get more information there object that. a big change was made before last night ravens game against the steelers. in the wake of the ray rice scandal cbs decided they planned this music video that had jay-z and rihanna singing on this music video. they were going to roll it. they said we better pull that. >> network eliminated track of jay-z run this town featuring rihanna with other elements including some moments, cbs sports chairman sean mcmahon i can says rihanna's own history as a victim of domestic violence was one of several factors considered in pulling the song from the game. >> would i think that is the only factor. >> they knew they would get feedback on social media because of it. >> i wonder if she had something to say. >> she's proud on have that video. >> this is not video we're talking about.
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>> prior to the game on twitter is how i learn about it. this one says what. >> rehand ace doing the ravens steelers game because nfl thinks their fans suffer from memory loss not the players. >> we have rihanna inning ising opening song for debut of thursday night football on cbs. baltimore ravens are playing. >> fans showed up in ray rice jerseys, they are so thrilled when you win a super bowl, fans get blinded a little bit but they say, you know what, other players have been quick of domestic violence, and they are still playing. by plays for panters in north carolina. he was convicted by a jury and maybe did some prison time but his case is on appeal. they are appealing the verdict. he played. >> i thought 14 players actually have situations like this and they are still playing. >> goodell has been in there
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he has had 30 different domestic violence cases cross his desk. tomorrow night, there is another big pay purview fight. >> yes. >> floyd may weather junior. you know he was quick of beating up his wife. >> he served sometime. >> he served time. >> the boxing fans of the boxing world did not turn his back. he made 40 million-dollar on that last fight and he will make 50 million tomorrow night. do you remember what happened in las vegas. he gets convicted. he is on his way to jail. his attorneys go to the judge and said he has a prize fight saturday. could we show up at jail on monday. >> the the judge said okay. the power of celebrity and money. you know what the judge's reason was if they don't this fight we will lose billion of dollars for economy of las vegas and they let him fight before he went to jail. >> i wonder if the judge got a
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cut off that. >> it is vegas, right. >> you make that much money, you do support a lot of people. that is their argument. but still, would anybody else in any other profession be allowed to have delayed jail time? i don't think so if i was convicted on domestic violence i would not be sitting here. >> yes, no question. how about this guy, he gets time off from work, for sympathy morning sickness. i had no idea this was a problem. >> now, this is in britain. soon to be dad was put on sick leave after being diagnosed with a condition that mimics his wife pregnancy symptoms. he is 21 years old. he gained 7-pound and started having back pains ever since his wife became pregnant. the couple's due date is january. you know, usually first try mister. >> i feel like if we would men
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have to go through it, you should go through it too. you have fun part. and we have the sick part. >> but if you are suffering, if he is suffering from morning sickness i cannot yell at him for making me feel this way. it is all your fault. >> yes. >> this guy is actually barfing every morning and is nauseous. he has sympathy sickness. >> i don't know if i believe him. i would be like come on, give me my soda, give me some seven up. >> go back to the fun part. >> it is not fair. you guys have the fun and we have to deal with the rest for nine months. >> nine months. >> then you try to steel morning sickness thunder, it is just wrong. >> it is all about us, isn't it. >> it is always about you guys. >> this kid i have seen all over the the internet and he is from pennsylvania. >> we're talking about the little boy who could not stop saying apparently, when pick
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out of the crowd on give his opinion about the wayne county fair, do you remember this. >> how about the ride. >> it was great, i have never been on live television before, but apparently sometimes i don't watch the news because i'm a kid and apparently every time, apparently grand mop gives me the we watch the power ball. >> what did you think of the ride. >> well, it was great. >> why. >> because apparently you are spinning and and apparently every time. >> was it fun. >> yes. >> i have never ever been on live television. >> are you excited. >> yes, apparently. >> apparently this five-year old noah ritter, he is first time being on live television. it landed him on the ellen
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show. he has a new word. >> is what the new word. >> that was your first time and live television and they asked you a question. the word apparently is your favorite word, isn't it. >> yeah, but i got over it now. >> you got over it. you don't use apparently anymore. >> nope, got over it. >> you're five years old. >> what is your new favorite word. >> seriously. >> seriously. >> so now he is seriously. >> seriously. >> apparently. >> yes, seriously kid good oh, man that is great. >> he was too comfortable with that mike. >> hire him for traffic, we could use him. apparently. >> but seriously my little granddaughter, teddy, she has
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been saying seriously a lot. seriously, seriously. seriously mom. >> so cute. >> you know, mike, she's right there. >> turn into a ham. >> she can say whatever she wants. >> she's like you two, cute. >> let's inn dull new jersey our seven day forecast which is really that 70's show. >> it is seven days of 07's. >> it is our lucky number because today is 77. tomorrow is cooler and not the best looking take we have ever seen. afternoon showers on saturday but sunday the the sunnies out again. 74 degrees. monday looks great. tuesday rain in the morning but all of the high temperatures throughout the entire seven day forecast in the 70's. will we ever see 80's again before next year.
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>> i say no. >> i hope this is not beginning of the end. did you see alex is so scared of snow. wait until you hear on saturday and sunday with the snow behind us. it is eight to 10 inches of snow in south dakota. >> already. >> yes. >> earliest snow in 120 years. it was looking at farmers almanac, they said this could be brutal. >> when agreed to come here they say, no, it is behind us. >> snowiest winter already happened. >> yes. >> seriously. >> we were lying. >> lets look at video of anchor people because i hate tv people, seriously. >> they get on my nerves. >> when they go crazy on tv especially live television, even in the studio. so set this up. this happened in the state of tennessee. >> you have to be ready for
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anything, as in tennessee anchor team demonstrates so well. >> did you see it, split is again. >> seriously. >> there it is again. >> this proves just of the morning newscast and would i do. in fact, the bat was able to avoid capture for hours while the crew all frantically tried to figure it out of the studio. >> i have to admit, i love to look at birds. i'm an amateur at it. but birds, in a building drive me nuts. i came home with my two daughters and my wife. we had been out. we walk in. i would keep in, hold on i would keep my keys on the mantle. so i would walk in, drop me keys off. we don't have a statue of a bird. >> it moves its head.
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>> i ran in the bathroom with my two daughters and hid in there while my wife took a tennis racket. i guided it out of the house. >> oh, who. >> thank god we have a brand new studio paw we don't have rat or bats or anything like that. >> yet. >> what can happen around here. probably nothing. >> look at that. >> it is coming. >> run. >> i thought shark week was a couple weeks ago.
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>> okay. >> okay, tom, come on out. >> it was tom. >> bring that over here. >> the cull present it. >> and the oscar goes to. >> tom loudon. >> who did the best acting. >> that was lovely. >> it was megan's idea. she's mentally ill. >> as long as there is not something flying around. >> i know. >> do you know what if they had just calmed down and done their newscast you would have seen this bat flying in the background. >> get in your hair. >> well, sure. >> easy for me to say. >> it would be a nice little prop. >> okay. >> still a head, so i posted this picture on instagram and it is getting a lieutenant have of buzz. so we want to know, in this social media world, everyone is talking about it, what is it to you, hash tag, number sound, pound sign, people have
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all kind of responses. >> isn't there a term. >> just a bit. there he
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boy, ellen. everybody is from philadelphia. >> yes. >> yes. >> it is so true. >> i will hopefully do it. >> okay. so this one guy who watches this show, really wants to get to know you. >> he wants me to follow him on twitter. >> for a reason. >> he tweets me, he says follow me. today he did it differently. >> you haven't followed him. >> no, not yet. >> so what does he say.
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>> today he tweets me he says please follow me. in case you don't necessity how to do it, here's a illustration, that shows you just how to follow me. so, i don't know, i will show it here. >> yes. >> so, if you lead it, it says it noise that the hard to follow me but since you are having trouble, here's step by step guy to lead you through thisty time. >> my goodness. >> i'm having a difficult time following him. >> i have never seen anything like that. his name is slack one. >> that is very creative. >> are you going to follow him. >> i have to now. >> yes. >> we have to talk about this because i want to see this episode tonight. even though it is friday night. i will dvr this. tonight again at 8:00. >> yes. >> our own karen hepp just got back from los angeles where she sat down with the the narrater, dan, he talks about how much more there is to the show then what you see on
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television. >> what you see on the tv show on tuesday and friday night are highlights of the week but you can tune in 24/7, any day of the night or week, go on line and look at any number of cameras ande exactly what is going on the compound at that moment. you can watch it here. so it is like a thrill show. it is a 24/7 television show. >> this is not an easy situation. these people are stuck together, they are building out a new place to live. they have no electricity, they don't have plumbing. they have to cooperate. it is not easy. within like the first three hours of the first day, half of the people were swimming naked which light off the bat tells you something about. sure, it is fun, entertaining but it tells you something about the psychology of human beings and what the restrictions of society, pressure of society do to us.
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>> i don't know, it looks good. people are hooked on it. >> so when you are watching it, lot of people, is there fighting already. >> go to their web site because then they stream it 24 hours a day. >> see what is happening when they are not on tv. >> midnight. >> a lot of things going on. >> by the way, it is no the not just milk shake dade, national chocolate milk shake take. >> we only got one. >> y'all can share it. >> no thank you. >> that is okay. >> i'm a big fan of the mcdonald's and wendy's shake. >> frosty. >> put your spoon in there, and it just stays there. >> this is what i like to to i like to dip frenchfries in your mouth and then you suck. >> sweet and salty. >> i have never done that before. >> or dip frenchfries in it. >> yeah. >> so i had one of our interns, brand new, go over
9:27 am
and get meehan other of fries at mrs. k's. >> here's what i got. >> so i could demo this. >> hash browns. >> get a tight shot of this. >> does that look like frenchfries to you. >> well, it is powe tate owes. >> yes. >> powe tate the owe family. >> potato family. >> first day. >> okay. >> while he is stuffing his mouth. >> they are here. >> they are coming in. >> trouble. >> go ahead disney fans, girl meets world girl star, sabrina carpenter is coming in. how this quakertown native made it big. >> she's only five. >> so cute.
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don't believe tom corbett's tv ad. the facts speak for themselves. tom corbett cut a billion dollars from our schools. he took an ax to education. twenty-seven thousand educators were laid-off.
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class sizes increased. and now almost eighty percent of school districts plan to raise property taxes. tom corbett. can't trust him on education. can't trust him to be for us.
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♪ >> from quakertown to hill wood, sabrina carpenter up and coming young stars in hollywood. fifteen year old stars in the new show girl meets world. only part of sabrina's resume is her acting. >> ♪
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>> sabrina. we all still do it. welcome. >> so great to have you here. >> thank you very much. >> she's so cute. >> awe. >> you have great voice, girl. >> thank you very much. >> how long have you been singing? >> since i could talk basically, i got my first singing lesson whether i was six. >> in quakertown. >> if philadelphia. >> oh, is that right? >> ya, in bala cynwyd. my mom's old singing teacher, ya. >> dang. >> so tell us about this show. a lot of people like t you just got renewed for new season, girl meets worlds. >> and the follow up obviously. >> have you her seen it, though? >> i've seen every episode, i promise. i've seen all of the reruns. >> my daughters and i watched every episode, too. >> oh, that's great. >> ♪ >> well, just such a great show for, you know, growing up. >> well, how are you supposed to be? a child of them?
9:33 am
>> no. >> i am character sean hunter, trouble maker, he casino of had a weird home life, and, you know, he was the bad guy, but also, you know, the really great friends. >> are you a trouble make nerve real life? >> no, no, i am -- >> mom? >> your mother's here. >> okay, that's mommy. and who is the one going uh, i'm not so sure. >> supposed to be my best friends. >> oh, oh,. >> i don't know. >> the woman sitting down? >> that's another cyster? >> yes. >> you guys all work together, too? >> we're pretty close. we all love to do sorts of entertainment, different things. >> so your sister a back up singer? >> yes, in my band, which means everywhere i go she goes. >> are you performing this weekend? >> i am performing at six flags new jersey this weekend. i'm very excited. and, you know, then we're just moving on with the tour until we get back. >> going back home to quakertown? >> i am. i know, very excited,
9:34 am
tomorrow, meet and greet at kohl's, because they have the design clothing line. >> what time is that? >> 1:30 to 3:00. >> mom, 1:30 to 3:00. >> how often do you get back to quakertown? >> i haven't been back in eight months, so it will be nice, yes, very excited to see my friends, and go to wawa and dunkin' donuts. >> so where did you go to elementary school? >> lower well fred. >> we were out there, alex has been to quakertown. >> and i loved it. everybody was great. we all met out in the middle of was it broad street there? and we all had a great time. >> oh, that's awesome. >> pretty cool. >> i'm telling you, almost energy that town came out. look at this. >> probably. >> oh, my goodness. >> oh, ya. >> there we are. quakertown. >> wow. >> they know how to welcome someone to the area. >> yes. >> so it was very nice. >> what do you miss most about, i know you live in hollywood now. >> i do. >> what do you miss most about
9:35 am
quakertown besides people? >> and besides, you know, the different we have like hometown restaurants, always my favorite back here, and the people, i really miss the weather. i know it sounds weird. >> the weather. >> because california weather i love, you know, the crisp fall air of pennsylvania you. >> mentioned wawa? >> yes, i love with a w it is like a staple. and a lot of people don't know what it is. i say wawa and they're like is that like a baby's water? >> no. >> wawa. (laughing). >> but you also mention, in california, believe it or not, they just got their first dunkin' donuts. >> yes. >> really? >> they did, in l.a. >> besides that they have like what krispy kreme, which is good but america runs on dunkin. >> oh, my goodness. >> thank you! >> oh, my mom's going to hate me. >> she doesn't want you eating sugar? >> no, i'm very responsible for what i eat. >> looks, as she grabs the whole box. >> did you want one?
9:36 am
>> ya. >> no! >> also, can i have the crueler? >> absolutely, i like these, these are good. cheers. >> thanks for coming in. >> thanks for having me. >> so while they're eating, no one offered me one by the way. >> thank you! >> lay, linvilla or charged i made this scarecrow little earlier on, one thing they don't have, they don't have pies, like this can of apples, like these sweet donuts, and i'll be carving pumpkins coming upment because guess what? pumpkin land starts tomorrow. here at linvilla
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fall is about to begin at
9:40 am
linvilla orchards. >> i've spent a lot of time at linvilla orchards. i'm glass quincy discovering the joy of pumpkin land there is weekend. >> honestly, i come here with my kids all the time, my wife loves this place. it was so good. we have sort of lovely he is ladies you'll fine here, marcia, how are you doing? >> hi, fine, thank you. >> judy? is sorry, eating a pavement and it is so fresh. >> it is, we bake them here every day. >> fresh, warm, hot pies. >> pumpkin starts tomorrow. pumpkin land is a viewer at this of things, hey rides, pumpkins all out there for to you choose from for your festivals, your holiday, and it is hey rides to the witch's house, which is a friendly witch, out in the orchard, take hey lied out to see her, great for family, we don't do scary, we do all family
9:41 am
friendly stuff here. >> the witch is that like nice cookie's. >> gives out cookies, gives snack out to each and every person on the wagon, big people, too, not just the little kids, big kids also. >> and you're carving pumpkins here. >> we are. >> i carved a pumpkin. you can get all types of pumpkins? >> all kinds here, all colors, shapes, sizes gratz variety to choose from. >> now, what do we do right here? cha is this pumpkin? >> this is marcia's owl. she made an owl yesterday for youment you can see she used two of the little pumpkins, jack be little for eyes, so use variety of different things to add to your pumpkin. >> how long did it take to you construct this long? >> not long, about ten minutes. >> looks like t but never mind. okay, now, what pumpkin do we have here. >> nice big rounds pumpkin. already carved out the inside. so just cleaned the inside out. like to put little notch on the top. tell how to put your lidpack on, so see how to do that, then you choose the side you want your pumpkin to be.
9:42 am
you me? this case, we carved the whole in the bottom. cleaned it out from the bottom. okay. >> sorry. >> so sticks it over your candle, a lot of people used little flame less candles now, little electric lights, and then that way can shine through. >> look at the one that i carved. check it o check outlook what i did. on the fox, i couldn't do the 29, but you guys -- >> oh, great. >> isn't that amazing? >> very amazing. >> truly amazing. >> i'm pretty deep. >> design challenged. you can use the stencils, or, right, and it comes with tools. >> and for adults, the best carving tool is a dry wall knife. fabulous. >> just make sure you know what you are doing with it. >> or like my husband, a carpenter, uses power tools. >> okay, we won't do. that will but come to linvilla orchard. i will be out here probably all day, just making things. jen, what are you out there
9:43 am
doing? >> where better, racing a veteran, the delaware county, all right, dan, i love you, thank you for your service, welcome home. >> appreciate it. >> and look, military combine. >> you know jen this thing moves? >> ah!
9:44 am
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♪ born in the u.s.a. ♪ >> do it again. tv laugh. (laughing). >> this may and laugh. because jen will try to become a military member by going through this obstacle course. >> oh, boy. >> this could go a rye. let's see what happens. jen? >> couldn't you start with a little confidence? >> i believe in you. >> maybe jen could do it? can't you like we believe that she will win? >> we believe in your t-shirt. >> thank you, i got a new t-shirt, girl. so here is the situation. with the delaware county veterans memorial. tomorrow you will have the civilian military combine. you can still register for it. real briefly, people will do these obstacles, then they run a 5k, then they run the obstacles? >> yes, what we try to
9:47 am
combination, functional fitness, obstacle course racing, so actually begin with the pit. five minute, high intensity functional fitness work out. dj spinning, teammates cheering you on, spectators cheering you on. everybody getting inspired. two minute break. and then you transition to a 5-mile military inspired obstacle course with a bunch of fun obstacles thrown in there. >> so this. what we will do is we will show dan what he is made of. >> you got it. >> now you got to go, and we will go run it. ready, go! >> okay, so here we are. >> running that. >> you make it look easy. >> you go. >> ladies first. >> ♪ >> up the ladder. >> oh, ready for this. here i am. in the web. >> already in the lead. >> dan doing this with one leg and prosthetic leg. thank you for your service, dan. >> thank you. >> who is out first? ♪ ♪
9:48 am
>> okay, ready? >> okay, again, doing this after a 5k? >> they actually built an extra step so you can get up. >> fantastic! >> really doing well! >> a lot of strength. >> , go girl. >> i think she might win. >> oh, oh,. >> she might win. >> you might have to do the kids race tomorrow.
9:49 am
>> look at that! >> (applause). >> out of breath! >> i'm all right. >> so pathetic. >> race tomorrow. local guy. he is happy to bring this locally. so i want to make sure, is your mopping watching? >> mom's watching. >> we'll be here tomorrow. don't let the people win. >> gosh. thank you for your service. >> yes. >> right? and i'll tell you what, the place where they are is right on the site of the delaware county veterans memorial. that's just beautiful. it is right there on route three, newtown square. well, coming up in the fall, weaver amazing event at the delaware county veterans memorial association, delaware county council freedom metal dinner, raising money for the
9:50 am
upkeep of this veterans memorial, honors delaware county veterans. i'll be there november 13th, springfield country club where we will be, tickets available now, and mc this amazing fundraiser, and we want as many people as possible to come because now that they've built the memorial, we need to keep it up. it is gorgeous out there. >> very close to veterans day itself. >> that's right. >> that's why. all right, let's try to get to the bottom of the debate now. >> we started something. >> you know, at the end of the show, you talked about can i get your number, you brought out this lovely symbol. and so i posted a picture of it, it started a big debate. people still are commenting on it even though i posted it yesterday. the question is in today's world what is this symbol? is it a pound sign? is it a number sign? is it a hashtag? and so people were just going on out. >> crazy. >> we got some interesting response. >> they even said tic-tac-toe. >> some people did say that.
9:51 am
one guy was like i am i'm musician, this is a sharp symbol. >> but one of them was like it is an otpothorpe. means traditional symbol, eight fields around a central square. i was like oh. >> central square. >> so we learned something. >> okay -- octo-thorpe. >> this is the symbol of our new weekend morning show on saturday and sundays, starts at 8:00 every saturday and sunday mornings starting, when? >> a week from tomorrow. >> oh, a week from tomorrow. >> coming u that's what this means to us. but i thought it was interesting, in the social media world. a loft kids, parents saying, my kids sees there is they say oh, that's a hashtag. >> i knew it as number. a pounds. >> pound. >> and still, when you call on a phone, and they say hit pound. >> they don't say hashtag. >> not yet. but i would feel bad if i was the number sign and i got replaced. why didn't hashtag come up
9:52 am
with its own symbol? >> true. >> stingers. wendy williams on the line now will join us in a matter of seconds just before her show.
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>> wendy said she didn't believe kim and kanye would star married more than about 72 days, and she said this on her show, if it did happen. >> but dow know what i said, and i'll stick to it, i've always said that kim and kanye will never get married. and i said if they do get married, i will eat crow. right here on this show. >> now, that's just a common phrase. but wendy is taking it seriously, wendy, welcome back to philadelphia for our will you seriously eat a crow.
9:56 am
>> good morning, mike. hi, alex. hey, sue. >> how you doing? >> here's the thing. shortly after i said that, i kind of changed the rules to prolong the pro thing by saying, okay, now that they're married they have to stay married for 73 days, day longer than chris humphreys. on the 73rd day happened in early august. so we were on break, we come back with season six beginning september 15th, and yes, i will be eating crow. >> oh, my gosh. >> as you and i are speaking, as you and i are speaking we have a hunter in utah killing the crow to bring it back. because apparently, you can't just walk into the grocery store and buy crow. and crow hunting season in utah is september. who knew? >> barbeque it? how will it be prepared? >> first every all, i've only taken one fork full. second of all i was reading up on crow, and they say it is dark meat, and it is very tough. so they don't suggest frying
9:57 am
it. they suggest like putting in the crock pot, making like a gum bo with it. >> oh, okay. >> i think that what a cook needs to do, marinade it overnight so it is really tender. >> we thought you were going to do an ozzie osborne. >> bite its head off? >> bite its head off? (laughing). >> we have a response from the crow community. this is what they had to say, wendy. >> so are you going to do it monday, the premiere episode? >> monday will be big day here, summer, nothing but hot topics, meat -- me eating crow. we will talk about chloe, french montana not being together any more, including, you know, what is going on with nick and mariah, which i'm still shock over that. >> wendy, we got to stop here because we have to make a
9:58 am
break here because some show called the wendy williams show comes up in about two minutes. >> bye!
9:59 am
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>> announcer: live from new york city. it's wendy williams. today, it's wendy's 50 and fabulous birthday bash. chaka khan is here. plus, music superstar lil jon joins the party as wendy's guest deejay. plus, lots of surprises along with the latest "hot topics." now, here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] >> wendy: ooh. yeah. yeah.